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Battle of Zimia
Date: 108 BG
Place: Honru
Result: League of Nobles victory
Butlerian Jihad Thinking machines
Quentin Butler Unknown
Army of the Jihad

Ginaz Swordmasters

  • mercenaries
Robotic warships, Combat meks
Few Planet lost

Campaign: Butlerian Jihad

The Battle of Honru was a decisive victory of humans during the Butlerian Jihad.

About 87 years after the Honru Massacre, the Army of the Jihad decided it was about time to liberated the planet.

The basic battle plan was to send down 500 kindjal fighters armed with a load of scrambler-pulse bombs in two separate waves, the first by Faykan Butler and the second by Rikov Butler for a precision strike on the evermind nexus.

Ground crews mainly Ginaz Swordmasters would root out the substations. Personnel transports landed soon after covered with Javelins. The large-scale atomics were left as the ultimate alternative but were not used.

Slaves, prisoners and captives rushed out of their pens. Martyrists made an appearance, attacking to combat meks chanting to Serena Butler, although they managed to kill only one robot for every five of themselves that was killed.

In the end, the Ginaz mercenaries detonated the Omnius citadel.

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