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Leto of Dune (also provisionally titled The Golden Path of Dune) is a cancelled Dune novel which was to be the fourth and final book of the Heroes of Dune tetralogy, and the last book in Brian Herbert and Kevin J Anderson's Dune contract. It was originally expected to be published in 2013, before being indefinitely postponed. This book was intended to pick up immediately after the events of Children of Dune, and explore the years of Leto's reign. It is uncertain when or if the novel will ever be completed.

Author Brian Herbert originally claimed that after the Heroes of Dune series, there would be maybe one more book series revolving around the founding of the Great Schools during the early Corrino Empire. They would tentatively be entitled, The Sisterhood of Dune, The Mentats of Dune, and The Swordmasters of Dune. This series was later brought forward in preference against finishing the Heroes of Dune series.