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Leronica Tegiet (201 BG - 108 BG), known for a time as Leronica Vazz, was a serving woman in a tavern of a Caladan fishing village and love interest of Vorian Atreides. Her complexion was brown and her eyes the color of dark pecans. In an indefinable way, she reminded Vor of Serena Butler.


Leronica was the daughter of Brom Tergiet, a deep-sea boat captain, but Leronica was not fond of that work and chose a different path. She bought a tavern. A Caladan man, Kalem Vazz, fell in love with her, and twice proposed her for marriage, but she denied him.

When Vorian Atreides visited Caladan to establish a League base, under the moniker of 'Virk', he flirted with her. Eventually they had a brief affair, and she was left pregnant, before Vorian had to leave the planet.


Two years later, she believed Vorian would never come, and agreed to marry Vazz, before she gave birth to the twins of Vorian, Estes and Kagin, after Vazz' grandparents. Vorian did send her letters and presents through the Jihadi space lines that supplied the outpost, however Leronica did not reply back.

After about 8 years of marriage, Vazz was killed by Elecrans in the Caladan Sea. But it was not long before Vorian visited her again, while testing one of the new spacefolding ships of VenKee Enterprises. On a subsequent visit, Leronica was with Vorian when he received the news of Iblis Ginjo and the Tlulaxa slavers from Xavier Harkonnen, delivered by Quinto Paolo.

Life with Vorian[]

In the following years, Vor sent her with the twins to Salusa Secundus. They never married. For some time she obtained relative longevity by consuming spice and stood as young as possible like Vorian, until she denied it. She lived a simple life on Salusa. She liked to manufacture fishing quilts showing life from Caladan, while waiting for Vorian to return home from the battles. She also donated surplus money to causes such as underprivileged children. She died some days after Vorian returned from Parmentier in 108 BG.