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Lenise was an Honored Matres leader, who sometime during The Scattering, attacked a Thinking Machines outpost, and unleashed the Enemy upon human-kind.

Bounding to the Thinking MachinesEdit

Lenise was a brutal sub-commander of the Matre leadership who had lost a one-on-one battle with another Matre leader. Lenise decided to nurse her wounds, and set out deep into space to seek worlds to plunder and conquer. Lenise and her contingent stumbled upon the edge of the reborn Thinking Machine empire, led by human-kind's age old nemesis', Omnius and Erasmus.

The Machine outpost was lightly guarded, and the Matre leader struck quickly against the near undefended robotic settlement. Lenise and her group stole the Machines' Obliterator weapons, and began destroying the sentient flow-metal base. The Machines at the base sent out a signal back to the Machine capital on Synchrony, and Omnius sent out a machine armada to strike back.

Retreat Back to Human SpaceEdit

Lenise and her army quickly found themselves outnumbered and retreated back into Scattering-human space. Omnius was alerted to Lenise's retreat direction; and surmised that almost all Honored Matres, and therefore the rest of human-kind, were in that specific and general direction. Soon afterwards, the Evermind began to launch specific and punitive strikes against Matres' worlds, with both weaponry and the dreaded, Omnius Scourge.

The Matres decided to abandon all planets near the now discovered Machine Empire, which bought them a few decades of time, and fled and bounded back into the Old Imperium. They used their confiscated Machine Obliterators to conquer Old Imperium planets, and to enforce their will on the remnant of human-kind.

Lenise's initial destructive and reckless destruction caused the Return of the Honored Matres, which in turn led to Kralizec. After Lenise' initial retreat, it is not known what became of the Matre leader.

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