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A lasgun was a continuous-wave laser projector weapon that was perhaps the most widely used hand weapon in the Imperium. It commonly took the form of a pistol or rifle. Its firing pattern was typically a constant, narrow beam, but the nozzle could sometimes be adjusted to alter the width and spread of the beam. Its power source was a cell cartridge that could be replaced when depleted.

During the days of the Old Imperium, lasguns were often ornate in their design, with detailed scrollwork embedded into their handles, which were usually some exotic wood. However, by the time of the Honored Matres, the designs had become less intricate and more functional.

Lasguns were the preferred weapon for armies. However, when shields were being employed, lasguns were generally not used because contact between a lasgun beam and a sheild caused massive explosions that often killed everyone within a large radius.

During the time of the Faufreluches, many soldiers and assassins preferred knives and swords in combat, both because they allowed for personal shields, and because of appreciation for the the art of swordsmanship.