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Lankiveil was a harsh and out-of-the-way planet ruled by House Harkonnen. It's surface was predominantly water-covered, though because of its frosty temperature its seas were choked with pack ice and icebergs.

Economy and Culture

Its oceans were home to the famous Bjondax whales, whose priceless furs long formed the backbone of the Harkonnen economy. The ruler of Lankiveil had the noble title of Count. The planet's seat of government was in the village of Tula Fjord, also the planet's foremost city. Although the Harkonnens officially ruled the planet, the native House Rabban had significant influence on planetary politics.

Lankiveil was also a stronghold of the Zensunni faith, and the mountains and glaciers were filled with monastaries, including the famous Bifrost Eyrie.


In the year 88 B.G., the disgraced Jihad commander Abulurd Harkonnen was exiled by his brother Viceroy Faykan Corrino from the League of Nobles. He was given the govenorship of Lankiveil, then a inconsequential and wretched backwater within the known universe. However, by manipulating the price of Lankiveilan whale-fur Abulurd's descendants managed to make their way back into the Imperium and regain some prestige.

Millenia later, Lankiveil fell under the control of another Abulurd: Abulurd Rabban, the half-brother of the Baron Vladimir Harkonnen. After Abulurd's disastrous reign over the fief of Arrakis, he was sent in disgrace to Lankiveil, where it was felt even he could do little damage to the self-sustaining whale-fur activities.

Though Abulurd was given no official title, he effectively goverened the unfashionable world. However, the Baron maintained various discrete illegal operations on Lankiveil without Abulurd's direct knowledge. For example, Baron Harkonnen hid his house's embezzeled spice on Lankiveil, in a false iceberg. Abulurd discovered this, but refused to blackmail Vladimir or the Padishah Emperor Shaddam Corrino IV, arguing that he would not win either way.

However, when Vladimir kidnapped his beloved son, Feyd-Rautha Harkonnen, he decided to give all the illegal spice away to the population of Lankiveil, as a final revenge. As a result, he was removed from power in 10,174 A.G.

Behind the Scenes

Though Lankiveil is mentioned only in passing by Frank Herbert in his original novels, it forms an important location in the Prelude to Dune trilogy by Brian Herbert and Kevin J. Anderson.

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