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Cogitor Kwyna (d. 177 BG) had been an ancient human that like other Cogitors, left her physical nature to devote eternity in thought and contemplation. In those times she knew Vidad and Arn Eklo.

Her brain resided in the City of Introspection of Salusa Secundus. After devoting many sleepless nights to frank discussions with her, Livia Butler became the Abbess of the facility.

She made rare appearances, like in the meeting of the League delegates after the Battle of Zimia.

She played an important role in the politics of the Butlerian Jihad, as a spiritual guide and an inspiration to all that sought her; High Priestess Serena Butler spent much time with her, and Grand Patriarch Iblis Ginjo often visited the City of Introspection. Kwyna helped him translated the Muadru runestones.

However her words and insights were largely selectively altered by Ginjo to suit his own plans. Kwyna was very critical to his ways and ends and how he loosely misinterpreted fragmentary writings and words. Ginjo wanted to persuade the populace that the ancient prophecies apply to the Jihad seeking justification.

Seeing it was not possible to make Ginjo stop using the war for his own ambition, she also tried to warn Serena Butler about the background events she could not see. Eventually, weary of those events and of her unwilling responsibility in the negative aspects of the Jihad, ceased her existence.


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