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Kiria was the main ever ready and present aide to Mother Commander Murbella of the combined New Sisterhood during the advent of Kralizec. She was a former Honored Matre.

As Murbella's Main AideEdit

After Murbella made Doria of the Honored Matres, and Bellonda of the Bene Gesserit co-Spice Managers of the ever-growing melange production at the desert belt of Chapterhouse, Murbella tapped the able Kiria as their replacement.

Kiria served ably at the post for over twenty-five years, first leading the Valkyries with Murbella's own daughter, Janess Idaho to victory at the city of Bandalong on Tleilax. Then she was promoted to chief confidante' to the Sisterhood leader, and helped lead the organization when Murbella decided to go underground to investigate first hand the effects of the newly released Omnius Scourge that was being re-released against humanity.

Advocating Fleeing into Deep SpaceEdit

When Murbella returned to Chapterhouse Keep, Kiria advocated a strategy of not facing the oncoming million starship Thinking Machine armada, and instead advocated the concept of fleeing into deep space in no-ships which specific people types picked by genome survivability to save the remnants of humanity. In a tense meeting at the Chapterhouse Keep, Kiria, a former Honored Matres, challenged Murbella to a duel to the death.

Murbella ended up winning the fighting duel with Kiria, and killed Kiria outright, ending her threat to her leadership. Murbella combined all of Kiria's duties with those of her daughter, Janess, prompting concerns that Murbella was setting up a familial dictatorship. It was a moot point, as Omnius and Erasmus's fleet arrived at Junction and Chapterhouse less than a month later.

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