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Kindjal was a fast, small fighter ship in the League Armada. It was named after the ancient knife.

Characteristics[edit | edit source]

Kindjals were low-atmospheric defense craft but were also employed as interceptors and scouts.

They had weaponry magazines which could be loaded with armor-piercing projectile shells or with explosives, when used as bombers. During the Butlerian Jihad, they could use fast-deployment artillery shells, self-guided scrambler mines or scrambler-pulse bombs, lethal against the Machines. They also had tractor beam devices.

In long-distance assaults, kindjals were carried on Ballistas.

History[edit | edit source]

Kindjals were employed by several League Worlds, like Salusa Secundus, Poritrin, Giedi Prime and Rossak.

participated in major battles, like the Battle of Zimia and one was flown by Tercero Xavier Harkonnen. Kindjals also guarded the field-generator facility of Giedi City and participated in the Liberation of Giedi Prime to distract the unimaginative robotic defenders so that Heoma's ship could land safely. Later, kindjals defended Rossak from the retaliating assault. Soon after, thousands of kindjals participated in the Battle of Earth.

They were used also later in the Butlerian Jihad mainly as scouts and they were retrofitted with Spacefolders. Kindjals also had a decisive role in the Liberation of Honru.

Appearances[edit | edit source]

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