Kevin J. Anderson (full name: Kevin James Anderson) is an American science-fiction author, who has collaborated with Brian Herbert as co-author on several Dune novels. He also uses the pseudonym Gabriel Mesta.

He has been nominated for multiple literary awards, including the Nebula Award and the Bram Stoker Award, and as of 2003 held the world record for the largest single author book signing.

Involvement with Dune[edit | edit source]

Anderson's involvement in the writing of new Dune novels has, however, been controversial. While the novels by Brian Herbert and Anderson have been commercially successful and generally well received by the wider public, they have triggered angry reactions from some staunch Dune fans, who believe they are inferior and/or written for purely monetary purposes.

Other works[edit | edit source]

Aside from his joint writing on the Legends of Dune, Prelude to Dune, Hunters of Dune, and Sandworms of Dune, Kevin J. Anderson has written spin-off novels for several fictional series, including Star Wars and the X-Files. He has also written original works such as the Saga of the Seven Suns, which includes seven novels and "Crystal Doors" with his wife Rebecca Moesta.

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