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Keshas Zhorzh was a professional assassin, suspected of several murders of prominent aristocrats, especially members of House Ginaz, House Atreides, and House Herzog. He is also thought to be the original author of the Assassin's Handbook employed by House Moritani.

Zhorzh himself succumbed to chaumurky, probably administered by an Imperial servant, in 3756 AG.

Zhautii Kuuraveer wrote on his life in his book The Practice of Death.[1]

Behind the scenesEdit

Keshas Zhorzh, his working for the Ginaz and the date of his death are mentioned in the entry "Assassin's Handbook". However this contradicts the entry on House Ginaz, which mentions that the House started to exist during the rule of Emperor Fredhrick V, much later than 3756 AG.

References and notesEdit

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