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Kailea Vernius was the sister of Rhombur Vernius and the first concubine of Leto Atreides I. Kailea was the mother of Leto I's first child, Victor Atreides. Her father was the Earl Dominic Vernius, and her mother was the Lady Shando Vernius. Kailea had copper-dark hair, thin arched eyebrows, striking emerald eyes, and a generous, catlike mouth above a narrow chin.


Kailea lived with her family on Ix, where she first met Leto when he visited Ix for his studies. During the attack on Ix by the Bene Tleilax, she escaped with her brother Rhombur and the adolescent Leto I to Caladan to live as a refugee. Over time, she and Leto eventually fell in love and bore their son Victor, a time in which both her and Leto were very happy.

After several years, due to the influence of her lay-in-waiting, Chiara, who was actually a House Harkonnen spy, she became less pleased with her life as a refugee of a renegade House. She constantly pestered Leto into making young Victor his ducal heir, to which he consistantly refused. When Leto took young Jessica as his second concubine, Kailea grew jealous over the budding relationship between Bene Gesserit Jessica and Leto I.

Kailea began having an affair with House Atreides ammunition keeper, Swain Goire, and unbeknownst to him, took his key to the castle armory. She then orchestrated a plot to assassinate Leto in a staged ship crash, by having Chiara place a large bomb aboard Leto's skyclipper planetary crusing ship. The explosion and subsequent crash, however, resulted in the maiming of her borther Rhombur, and the death of her 6-year old son, Victor.

After the incident, she was overwhelmed with grief, and abandoned by the duped Goire; she then realized the poisonous words of her assistant Chiara, and stabbed her deeply in the heart. As Thufir Hawat and other Atredies' officials came to arrest her, she committed suicide by jumping from a balcony in Castle Caladan.

Behind the Scenes

One of the continuity issues regarding House Vernius (q.v.), is that there is no mention of Kailea or of Victor Atreides in any of Frank Herbert's Dune novels. His works indicate that Paul was Leto's first and only child, and that Jessica was Leto's first and only concubine. This is further supported by the fact that there is no mention of Victor, when Atreides family members are revered by others, in the original novels.

This plot point of the Prelude to Dune series, that Leto had concubines while being married, is inconsistent with the honorable characteristics bestowed upon him by Frank Herbert.


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