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Judaism is a Monotheistic, Semitic religion originating from Old Earth. It was the only religion from Old Earth that survived intact throughout the millennia.At last one jewish community had survived on Gammu and there was evidence that others existed or had existed on Salusa Secundus and Nework.

This group of jewish survivors had survived as a secret society, protected and supported by the Bene Gesserit through a pact of both-sided loyalty, though they sometimes felt amused or dismayed by what they thought of the Bene Gesserit copying them.Eons ago, after the many pogroms following the Commission of Ecumenical Translators and the stablishment of the Orange Catholic Ecumenism, they had decided to completely vanish from public view and hid on countless planets, some of which had been settled by none other humans than themselves.They called this practice the complete cover and it was possible for a person to work and live a lifetime beside a jew without ever suspecting.Still they preserved their age-old practices, though somewhat altered.Their small communities were led by Rabbis but some chosen women practiced the spice agony and were able to absorb and save other peoples collective memory, making them virtually wild Reverend Mothers, a fact they had decided to hide from the true Bene Gesserit.

Dune encyclopediaEdit

The Dune Encyclopedia mentions several groups or organisations that seem to be of jewish origin which had sent delegates to the synode which redacted the Orange Catholic Bible:The Diasporic Council of Rabbis, Talimidic Zabur Followers, the Jerusalem Urbanite Citizens of Nework,the Neomaimondist Rabbirate and The Tawrah Collegiate, as well as a number of seemingly mixed-religions such as:The Christian Zionist Pilgrims,The Hasidic Lutherans and the Hasidislamic Union but their exact relation to judaism remains obscure and it is unknown in how far these jewish or pseudo-jewish groups differed from the judaism of Old Terra, though it is stated that of all religions, Judaism had changed the least throughout the millenia.


The Dune Prequels by Brian Herbert and Kevin J. Anderson imply that the "Complete Cover" happened before the Synode of the Orange catholic bible, however Frank Herberts mentioning of at least two jewish groups attending the Synode implies that the Pogroms and the Complete Cover actually happened after the Synode.

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