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Princess Josifa Corrino was the second youngest of the five daughters of the Padishah Emperor Shaddam Corrino IV.

Josifa was very calm, quiet, and collected, although she did have a sharp wit. She was known as the kind sister, one who always took into consideration of other people's feelings before she took any action, and this set her apart as a Corrino sister. Josifaloved to browse and study books at the Library, and see the wonders of the Hassik III Center of the Performing Arts, as they are her favorite pastimes.

Rugi was probably her favorite sister, having taken her under her wing when their second eldest sister, Princess Chalice had died. She was very introverted -- but she could be dangerous as she has been trained in fighting capabilities with the Weirding Way, the Prana/Bindu and expanded Prescience. She wielded a dagger dangerously, and could defend herself fully.

History Edit

Josifa was born to Shaddam Corrino IV and his wife, Anirul Corrino on the planet Kaitain in the year 10170 AG. She was a playful girl, always up with her studies, and she got along with her sister Irulan quite well. When she became of age, Wensicia became envious of her and often tried to be rid of her with the tricks that the Bene Gesserit Reverend Mother Mohiam would teach her -- but she often learned a counter that the Kaitain Reverend Mother Montemagni would teach her to evade the treachery that Wensicia would attempt.

In her childhood years, the Princess also got along with Ethan Corrino II and Korena, her cousins -- treating Ethan I and Josefina as if they were her own parents, seeing that the Emperor Corrino was very busy to handle his own daughters, with the War of Assassins of 10,187 AG.

Hearing the terrible news of Chalice's tragic death, Josifa was mortified and immediately suspected Wensicia of it all, but Shaddam refused to investigate the matter.

Survival of Banishment Edit

Irulan found an interest in the Atreides family and she was married off to Paul, when he bcame Emperor of the Known Universe. Josifa found herself alone with her youngest sister, Rugi Corrino in exile on Salusa Secundus. After Rugi died on Arrakis in the Great Surrender Ceremony, Josifa was particularly devastated, as Wensicia would have nothing to do with Josifa.

Under the studies of the Reverend Mother Montemagni's teachings, Josifa became a Truthsayer and continued to watch over her little sister, trying to keep in contact with Irulan. The last known historical fact for Josifa was that she became a Bene Gesserit Truthsayer for House D'mavier.

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