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Josif I was the son of Prince Corrin and grandson of Emperor Wallach II.

He and his father, survived Feyd I's usurpation and while still 5 years old, members of the Imperial family fled with Paulos II Atreides in restistance.

Eventually when Feyd II was murdered by his officers, Josif was named Emperor of the House of Alman Corrino line, with his father as Regent.

He issued an edict restoring all lost titles, lands, and properties to their original owners before the accession of Feyd I; where families no longer existed, the land reverted to the crown, and new grants of nobility and estates were issued to Josif s supporters.

Vladimir II Harkonnen became Duke of Chamizai.


Preceded by
Feyd II
Emperor of the Known Universe
1099 AG-1134 AG
Succeeded by
Yahya bin Isah (as Regent)
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