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The Jipol (from Jihad Police) was a law enforcement and counter espionage organization of the Butlerian Jihad that was lead by Yorek Thurr under Iblis Ginjo.

After the Honru Massacre, the failure was blamed on inaccurate intelligence. Grand Patriarch Iblis Ginjo assigned Yorek Thurr, an ambitious and intelligent young detective to investigate the matter. Thurr uncovered evidence that disloyal humans had been responsible for purposely supplying disinformation. That was the beginning of the Jipol.

As the Jihad escalated into a protracted war against Omnius, the Jipol acquired increasing power and influence, especially under the leadership of Thurr. During the later years of Iblis Ginjo's reign as Grand Patriarch it was used to suppress his political rivals and quell resistance to the continued conflict across the League of Nobles.

Historical ReferencesEdit

The Jipol is a possible reference Stalin's KGB.


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