The Jihad Council was the governing body of the Butlerian Jihad politics.

Origins[edit | edit source]

Initially, the League Parliament ran wartime matters with cumbersome bureaucracy. After the losses at Ellram and Peridot Colony, the ineffectiveness of existing politics were made obvious, since entire protectorates had been wiped out before rescue missions could arrive

Serena Butler expressed her outrage and disappointment; Grand Patriarch Iblis Ginjo suggested in 193 BG the formation of a Jihad Council to oversee all Jihad-related matters and command both local (Jipol) and foreign (Army of the Jihad) affairs.

History[edit | edit source]

Ginjo's insidious political allies like Hosten Fru still attempted to block Parliament issues in order to make the mechanisms seem ineffective and incapable. Such moves increased confidence of the Council's capability and more areas fell under the umbrella of its jurisdiction. Political opponents like Munoza Chen heavily criticized those processes.

In 175 BG, after the victory at Ix, moved by the warnings of Cogitor Kwyna about Ginjo's machinations and ends, Serena announced she takes her seat as the rightful head of the Jihad Council.

After her death, it was ruled by Ginjo's widow, Camie Boro along with Yorek Thurr, the head of the Jipol.

Appearances[edit | edit source]

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