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Rik Young as Javid in Children of Dune 2003

Ziarenko Javid, son of Namri, Naib of Sietch Jacurutu, was Alia Atreides' lover, and a high priest of the Qizarate.


Born "in sietch", Javid was trained by his father as one of the Water Stealers. Javid would later join the priesthood and rise to attendant to the Holy Regent.

The spectre of the deceased Baron Vladimir Harkonnen suggested that Alia take him as a lover. Soon Duncan Idaho, mentat-ghola and Alia's husband, surmised the affair and this severely angered him.

During the revolt of the Naibs, Duncan Idaho killed Javid publicly, both as revenge and in an attempt to force Stilgar's hand. This provoked the Fremen Naib Stilgar to abandon his position of neutrality between Alia and the rebel Fremen by killing Duncan Idaho in turn.

Behind the scenes[]

The 2003 Sci-Fi Channel miniseries Children of Dune indicates that Javid was in league with the members of Sietch Jacurutu. He was also seen during the events of Dune Messiah as a child, helping Korba set the stoneburner.


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