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Javelin was a mid-sized model of League Armada destroyer.


Smaller than the Ballista, the Javelins could travel lighter but carried proportionally more weapons for fast responses. They could be used both in offense and defense and could descend in a planet's atmosphere.

Javelins could be commanded by Cuartos.


Xavier Harkonnen had proposed that two Javelins would be put around the planet Giedi Prime for defense, however the planet was soon captured by the machines. Later, four Javelins were used to secure the planet's surface after Heoma destroyed Barbarossa and other neo-cymeks who guarded the Giedi Prime-Omnius.

As with other League ships, Javelins were later retrofitted with a portable version of Holtzman shields as well as spacefolders.

Javelins had an essential role in the liberation of Honru.