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Iraklii Harkonnen was a grandson of Abulurd VI Harkonnen.

When a kanly was issued against their House, the Harkonnens were stripped of their titles and possessions. Many of the family were killed by kanly challenges from the other Great Houses; all of Abulurd's children were killed in this way before they could flee, as well as many of his cousins, brothers, and cousines.

Iraklii sold several of his precious jewels before they could be confiscated, and bought passage on a ship to the rim planets, where he purchased a disguised and new name: Rak Kharn, setting himself up in business as a weapons salesman to frontier worlds.

Instead of advertising, he used some of his capital to foment various unrest, revolts and small-scale civil wars. He used to sell an advanced weapon to one faction while peddling information about that weapon to their enemies' spies, and then disposing of the weapon in turn to the first group's enemies.

Determined to restore his family's honor, he stimulated unrest and Regent Maria Mustami was forced to resign her position in 1680 AG; her successor, Damiano Fulgencio, followed within two weeks, leaving the Landsraad with no Regent, only a loosely organized committee of Great Houses, the Interregnum of 1680-1701 AG.

Iraklii discovered Prince Corrin bin Alman bin Henoor of House Corrino, and promoted the restoration of the Corrinos as a solution.

The pretender emperor Corrin IV was crowned in 1701 AG and one of his first acts was to introduce the Harkonnen name to the ranks of the Great Houses.

Iraklii became Baron Saugus, in the Colton Sector. In 1717 AG the Landsraad confirmed this.


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