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Imperial Seat is a concept of humanity. The Seat is the center of government and rule of humanity throughout all history. It changed various positions during the passing of the millennia, both on Terra and beyond.

History[edit | edit source]

  1. Historians trace the Imperial Seat with the First Empire by Aleksandr, and then the Roman Empire.
  2. Byzantium was the new Imperial Seat in 15800 BG
  3. Since 14700 BG there was no Emperor (the Great Struggle).
  4. Madrid became the Imperial Seat in 14608 BG after discoveries in America
  5. London became the Seat in 14512 BG (Battle of Englichannel).
  6. Washington in 14255 BG after first atomics
  7. Ceres in 13402 BG when a planetoid strikes Terra.

In 11105 BG the Imperial Seat ceased to exist as a single entity when Ceres was destroyed by rebellion and begun the Age of Pretenders.

Perhaps the Seat started to exist again with the Empire of Ten Thousand Worlds after the Wars of Reunification. During the Imperium, the Imperial Seat is understood as the Golden Lion Throne on Kaitain

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