Idaho-11099 (d. 11099 AG),the consummate Atreidean supporter, rebelled against Leto Atreides II's increasing authoritarianism and questioned his abuse of that same loyalty. He initiated the last, sad Sardaukar campaign, a move that resulted in Idaho's death, the final destruction of the Imperial Legions, and the founding of the Fish Speakers.

Yet one cannot dismiss that Idaho's action as a mere mental aberration and classify it in the same breath as the infamous Dr. Yueh's treason but it resulted by colossal emotions that enabled Idaho to overcome his ingrained, almost genetically inculcated, loyalty to any Atreides. And yet just as some revisionist historians have been able to explain even Yueh's triumph over his pyretic conscience by adducing the incalculable passion of his love for his beloved Wanna, so we should now examine Leto's treason — not Duncan-13724's — to the Atreidean way, his treason to his grandfather Leto I, the Red Duke, to his father Paul Muad'Dib, and to himself.

The very notion of any Duncan Idaho leading the hated Sardaukar in an ill-fated yet grandiose, campaign battle against an Atreides is the stuff of which a latterday Harq al-Harba could have made great tragedy.

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