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The hunter-seeker was a deadly tool used by assassins. The tiny floating tadpole-like machine was remotely controlled by an operator situated close by.

A hunter seeker was used in an assasination attempt against ducal heir Paul Atreides in 10191 AG.

Leto II Atreides saw through his prescience that his Golden Path had prevented the Ixians from being the cause of humanity's destruction in the future. Leto's Golden Path has prevented a future in which the Ixians released, and ultimately lost control of, self improving Hunter-Seekers that would eventually consume all organic life in the known universe.


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Velocity: up to 25 meters per second

Length: 1 centimeter

Mass: Negligible

Range: up to 50 meters

Ammunition: 1 hour of use

Operation and Technology[]

The device floated through the air, using a tiny Holtzman Field Generator to maneuver. The tip held a camera that transmitted a video signal back to the operator. Vision was distorted by the compressed suspensor field. Once detected, the target was almost guaranteed to be killed.

The killing device itself was a tiny needle, tipped with a quick-acting, lethal poison. The needle was retracted until a target is acquired, at which point it appeared, shortly before the device shot into the victim.


Destroying a Hunter-seeker was rather simple. Like any machine, it could be destroyed by being smashed or submerged in water. Paul Atreides employed both means to destroy a Hunter-seeker that had been launched to kill him on Arrakis, shortly before the invasion of House Harkonnen.

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Invention of the reversant made the hunter-seeker obsolete.