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Hrrm was a male futar, who was being held as a prisoner aboard the encaptured no ship which was holding the encumbered ghola of Duncan Idaho.

Sheeana's Friend[]

When the no ship, the Ithaca, escaped from Chapterhouse with its' crew, Bene Gesserit rebels, and futars; Hrrm and his companions were stranded on the ship doomed as a prisoner in the ship's wanderings. As the years went by in the ship's escape from Chapterhouse, Sheeana Brugh befriended Hrrm, and the rest of the futars. Sheeana realized that the half-feline/half-human beings were tormented in that they had been separated from their Masters, the Handlers.

As the futars had been specifically bred to hunt down and kill Honored Matres, Hrrm has escaped one night aboard the no-ship, and Sheeana had come across him, as he feasted on the bones and flesh of a Bene Gesserit sister. Sheeana convinced Hrrm that the Gesserit were different from the Matres, and Hrrm vowed to never kill another sister again.

On the Planet of the Handlers[]

After nine years of wandering, the ghola of Miles Teg used presciencetook the ship out of fold space above a planet was arboreal in nature, and contained a race of raccoon-looking men. Upon scanning the planet, the crew of the Ithaca found that Hrrm and his clan were especially agitated and excited to be near the world. Excited about the prospect of finding the home of the half-men/half-felines; Hrrm, and his entire clan were allowed to accompany Sheeana, the Jewish Rabbi, the ghola of Thufir Hawat, and Teg, to the surface.

While there, the group met the Chief Handler of that part of the planet, Orak Tho. He separated the landing party into two groups, in anticipation of a hunt of Honored Matres. The full humans, and some of the Handlers were led up to 400-foot observation enclosed platforms. They were then again separated into two groups, Sheeana and Teg on one guarded platform, and Hawat and the Rabbi on the other guarded platform. Hrrm and his clan were intigrated with the futars native to the planet, and Hrrm and his clan were encouraged to join the hunt. As the five Honored Matres were released into the woods, Hrrm led the group and followed the prey deep into the woods.


After the Matres were all killed, which also resulted in the deaths of two futars, one from the Ithaca clan; it became apparent to Sheeana and Teg that some of the Handlers were actually Enhanced Face Dancers, placed their by the Enemy. The look-alikes were still obeyed by the native futars, who could not tell the difference. As the Ithaca party tried to make their way back to the space-craft to get back to the no-ship, the Handlers began to overwhelm the group. Hrrm and his clan sacrificed their lives bravely, and attacked the Handler-disguised Dancers, Handlers, and native futars; buying the group precious time to escape back to safety.