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The House of Saluso Corrino was an Imperial house that refers to the heirs of Elrood I. The name of the House derives from Henoor I Salusa I, the son of Sheuset I.

The House tended to hold a feud or rivalry with the House of Alman Corrino, named after Alman I, brother in law of Elrood I, whom he succeeded after his assassination.

Alman I was assassinated and replaced by Saudir II of Saluso Corrino, who restored the titles of Elias Atreides, suppressed by Alman.

Saluso Corrino would rule once more when Elrood II, Elrood I's cousin was restored to the throne with the help of Thomas Atreides, overthrowing Estil I. He was succeeded by Rugo I and Wensic I who himself would be overthrown by Alman IV (great-grandson of Estil I).

The last Emperor of Saluso Corrino would be Sheuset II, grandson of Wensic I. His throne was attacked by usurper Saudir IV who attempted to restore the House of Rautha.

Presumably Saluso Corrino left no direct heirs. When Saudir died, the throne was returned to the House of Alman Corrino.

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