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House of Rautha was a ruling line of usurpers related to the House Harkonnen, started by Saudir III, when he overthrew Regent Henli I al-Qair.

They were descendants of Duke Nikolai Harkonnen of Eluzai. It is not known for whom Rautha the house is named after.

When Saudir was massacred by rebels and the House of Alman Corrino was restored, his son Saudir IV escaped and organized a revolt of the provincial Sardaukar. He took the throne in a brief battle that deposed and exiled Sheuset II.

He ruled six years before succumbing to an infected monkey bite and the Duchy of Eluzai became extinct at his death.

During their rule, their exiled relative Yevgeny Harkonnen was made Count of Hirtius and returned him to civilized space, and was given a small estate on the planet Powys.

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