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House Alman Corrino insignia (fan art)

House Alman Corrino crest (fan art)

House of Alman Corrino coat of arms (fan art, Dune Encyclopedia semi-canon)

House Alman Corrino coat of arms (fan art)

The House of Alman Corrino was an Imperial House, named after Alman I, brother-in-law of Emperor Elrood I, whom he succeeded after his assassination.

The House tended to hold a feud or rivalry with the House of Saluso Corrino, who appeared to be allies with House Atreides.

Alman I brought a bill of attainder before the Landsraad in 122 AG, accusing Elias Atreides of supporting the exiled Emperor's forces, but himself was assassinated and replaced by Saudir II of Saluso Corrino, who restored Elias' titles.

Alman II, Alman I's son, when ascended to the throne, murdered Demetrios IV Atreides and redistributed the lands of House Atreides. Alman II's sons, Alman III and Estil I, ruled briefly until Elrood II, Elrood I's cousin, was restored to the throne with the help of Thomas Atreides.

The House of Alman Corrino would return once more when Alman IV (great-grandson of Estil I) would succeed Wensic I. After Thomas II Atreides was executed in 346 AG, he attained Jaddua and House Atreides's planetary fiefdom.

Since the time of Wallach I, the House had to face a series of usurpations by the House of Rautha, related to House Harkonnen, starting with Saudir III until Wallach and his descendants were restored.

Shaddam I himself was overthrown by his cousin, Villish Saluso IV, until restored. Eventually, various branches of the Imperial House, concerning the sons of Shaddam I, were separated because of several differences, which brought the House of al-Qair to rule as Regents and Protectors. This started the Regency period.

Iason Atreides was instrumental in settling the differences between those branches. In 603 AG he persuaded Protector Harmon II al-Qair to step down in favor of Audrii I, son and heir of Shaddam I.

The following decades, the House would face another series of usurpations by the House of Feyd, until once more the Atreides would restore the heir Josif I. The House would rule the following years until Henoor III, when it ended, obviously because of lack of direct heirs to the throne.

Millennia later, Alman V, a distant descendant of Wensic II, would serve as Regent to Empress Dunamis and would later succeed her to the throne. That would be one final return of the House to the throne until Saluso VII.

Behind the scenes[]

We see alternating roles between the descendants of Alman and the other Emperors, with assassinations between them, suggesting at least two rival lines. The Dune Encyclopedia does not make clear if the Alman Corrinos were usurpers and/or behind the assassinations but it is possible.

It is also possible that Saudir II was a rightful heir, whom Alman I had exiled, and punished the Atreides for supporting him.