Status: House Major

Symbol: Helix Versym-1-

Army: Regular Great House

Uniform: Unknown

House Colours: Purple and Copper

Planets: Ix and several other unidentified planets

Ruling Title: Earl

A relatively young Great House, by the time the events of House Atreides (book) had taken place they were only a few centuries old. A fire red ruby ring from Hagal was the sign of their Earl. House Vernius specialized in technological innovations. After an intense economic war with House Richese they won the right to manufacture the lucrative Heighliners for the Spacing Guild.

Reign under Earl Dominic Vernius

While still a young man, Dominic Vernius lent Ixian forces to the Padishah Emperor Elrood IX in putting down the Ecazi Revolt and restoring the Archduke Ferdinand Ecaz to the Mahagony Throne. It is during this time that he met and befriended Duke Paulus Atreides of Caladan. As a reward for his loyal service, the Emperor expanded House Vernius' fief to include several more planets.

Fall from Grace

After the war, Dominic stole Lady Shando from the Emperor and earned his undying enemity. They had two children, Rhombur and Kailea Vernius. Years later Tleilaxu forces siezed Ix with the help of the Suboid working class with assistance from the Emperor. Ixian ambassador Camaar Pilru attempted to garner Landsaraad support in retaking his planet but the Tleilaxu accused the Ixians of creating thinking machines and therefore justifying their acts. House Vernius was forced to go renegade while Sardauker forces landed on Ix to "keep the peace". The Vernius children were secretly sent to Caladan under the protection and care of Paulus Atreides. Lady Shando was executed by Sardaukar forces while Dominic hid on Arrakis with some loyal men. Eventually he was caught and he detonated a stone burner, ending his life.

Return to Ix

After almost 25 years Gurney Halleck and Prince Rhombur Vernius returned to Ix to conjure a rebellion to help the soon to arrive Atreides forces to liberate the planet. After a brief but bloody battle with the Sardaukar, the allied forces were victorious, and Prince Rhombur went to the Landsaraad to formally restore House Vernius. He ascended and became Earl Rhombur Vernius of Ix.

Continuity issues

The Frank Herbert novels make no mention of a Great House ruling Ix. Indeed, the ruling body of Ix is only referred to once in Dune Messiah, where it is mentioned that Ix is ruled by a confederacy. Moreover, heavy mention was made in the Brian Herbert and Kevin J Anderson prequels that House Vernius was a strong ally of House Atreides. However, in the original "Dune" book, there was no mention of a House Vernius (or the Ixians for that matter) coming to Duke Leto's aid when his House was attacked by the Harkonnens and Corrinos. Within all of the Frank Herbert novels, the inhabitants and rulers of Ix are only ever referred to as "Ixians" and not members/subjects of House Vernius. In the Frank Herbert novel God-Emperor of Dune, a Bene Gesserit analysis of various power brokers in the known universe have Ix listed as a seperate entry from Great Houses of the Landsraad.

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