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House Richese was a Great House during the time of the Faufreluches. They were onetime allies of House Atreides.

House Richese was known throughout the Imperium for the manufacture of machines. A rivalry existed between House Richese and House Vernius for the honour of being major supplier of technology to the Imperium. It was, however, generally accepted that House Vernius, on the planet of Ix, typically produced superior machines to the Richesians.

Known Members of House Richese[]

Known Retainers of House Richese[]

  • Bin Calimar
  • Chobyn
  • Ein Calimar
  • Yresk


Behind the Scenes[]

In the original Dune novel, it is mentioned in passing as a technological house, similar to Ix.

In the 1984 David Lynch film, the guild navigator mentions that he had just visited Ix on his way to visit the Emperor, and judged their machines to be "better than the ones on Richese".

Richese in the Dune Encyclopedia[]

The Dune Encyclopedia describes Richese as deserted after the Butlerian Jihad and later resettled and controlled by Ixian colonists.

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