House Moritani became as a recognized political entity at the time of the Battle of Corrin (88 BG), when, after they threw their entire support and resources behind Shesuet Corrino, the Landsraad forces were defeated and Shesuet ascended to the Lion Throne as the first Padishah Emperor. Shesuet recognized the Moritani contribution and granted the family the planetary fief of Grumman and the baronial title, which went along with it. Since that time, House Moritani has continued to prosper through its service to the Imperium, and is noted as one of the staunchest advocates of Pro-Imperial actions.

Presently, the House is just completing a time of transition as yet another new figure within the family has received the mantle of leadership; the turbulence beginning with the assassination of Galeazzo V, the civil strife of his son Cesare with the contender Vittorio, the abdication of the former, and then finally the untimely death of the na-Count Agon Moritani.


Before Guild (BG) 88 Battle of Corrin brought the Corrinos to primacy over the

other houses of the Landsraad and brought about the
formation of the Padishah Imperium.  House Moritani
supported the Corrinos wholeheartedly, at an enormous
cost to resources and lives, and was rewarded by the
Governorship of Grumman to Lorenzo XXV, making Moritani a
House Minor.

0 Spacing Guild and CHOAM combine with the Lion Throne to

form the societal basis for the next ten thousand years.
House Moritani is instrumental in the formation of the
Spacing Guild, by selling off most of its spaceship
research and development to the Guild and being allowed
to continue to manufacture parts for the Guild
Heighliners and developments in personal frigates.  House
Moritani also helps in the formation of CHOAM, and
Bernabo III was the architect behind the idea for CHOAM
Directorships, with the Imperium duly represented, and
thus endeared the Moritani to the Imperium further as
well as gained them one of the first Directorships.

After Guild (AG) 283 Duke Senshisai Ginaz succeeded in forming a minor fief on

       the southern continents of Grumman. As a result, relations
       between House Moritani and House Ginaz deteriorated.

337 The Great Convention is ratified. One of the delegates was

       Mateo I, who worked to give the Emperor more power over the
       Houses.  He was greatly derided by his fellow delegates, and
       was soon afterwards assassinated.  His son, Valentinian, was
       granted to have the hand of the Emperor's daughter, Victoriae.
       Moreover, the Moritani's fief was elevated to the status of a
       County.  This not only helped to introduce the Moritani into
       the Imperial bloodline; it also paved the way for the Moritani
       finally being accepted as a House Major.

477 House Minor Moritani elevated to House Major status,

largely due to the support of Emperor Saluso III.

4796 The first kanly was recorded between House Ginaz and House

       Moritani. The Ginaz fief on Grumman had been confiscated with
       the approval of the Emperor, adding fuel to the conflict, which
       lasts to the present day.

9434 House Moritani forms an alliance with House Harkonnen for its

       kanly against House Ophelion. The alliance persists even after
       the Harkonnens best the Ophelions.

10,032 Galeazzo V Moritani was born to Count Francesco VII. 10,033 Agon Moritani was born to Count Francesco VII. 10,035 Ermengildo Moritani was born to Count Francesco VII. 10,053 Francesco VII, Patriarch of the Moritani, died of food

poisoning.  His wife, Lady Valeria, is suspected but
nothing is proven.  Young Galeazzo ascended to the
patriarachy of House Moritani.

10,054 Galeazzo V Moritani married Anastasia Kenrick. 10,059 Melchiorre Moritani was born to the Lord Ermengildo. 10,061 Ophelia Gabryela Moritani born to Nikkolai (youngest brother

       of Galeazzo V) and his wife, Guglielmina. She is the eldest of
       their daughters.

10,064 Cesare Moritani is born to Count Galeazzo V and Lady

Anastasia.  Due to complications in labour, he became a
       lone child.

10,065 Lord Agon married Lady Isabel of House Clavell. 10,066 Valentina was born to Lord Ermengildo as a bastard child. 10,067 Rinaldo Moritani was born to Lord Agon. 10,087 Lady Isabel died due to heart failure. The family Suk determined

       the failure to be of natural causes; a rarity in House Moritani.

10,089 Rinaldo Moritani married the Lady Germina Venhei. 10,091 Galeazzo V was brutally murdered. The Ginaz were suspected

       since all evidence pointed in their direction.  Cesare ascended
       to the patriarchy of House Moritani, and gained the title of

10,093 Civil insurrection occurred on Grumman as Vittorio, the bastard

       son of Galezzo V, challenged the leadership of Cesare, with the
       help of Valentina, but they failed. In the same year, Lord
       Melchiorre was found murdered. The Ginaz were once more suspected
       of the deed.

10,094 The Lady Anastasia was found brutally murdered, early in the

       year. Although no evidence was found, the Ginaz were blamed for
       the deed as well.  Cesare steps down as the head of the Household
       at the age of thirty and nominates Agon as the heir to the House.

10,095 The na-Count Agon Moritani is killed when his shuttle unexpectedly

       depressurizes. Lady Ophelia Gabryela Moritani arrives from Grumman,
       to see to the business of the house while awaiting the family to
       choose a successor.

10,096 Lady Ophelia Gabryela Moritani is confirmed Siridar-Countess by the

       Emperor Erich Ladislas Corrino.

10,097 Lord Shane Padron, Earl of Turcal and House Swordmaster, faced

       Marquis Steffan Lear of House Ginaz in single knife, unshielded
       battle as the Champion of Countess Moritani. Steffan Lear was
       killed. Negotiations for the end of the Ginaz-Moritani Kanly began.
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