The Honru Massacre was an event during the Butlerian Jihad.

In 195 BG the Army of the Jihad attempted to free the population of the Synchronized World of Honru. An armada of League warships was sent and started the attack.

However Omnius used aggressive tactics for defense; 10000 robotic ships had lain in ambush and then engulfed the armada. The human fighters had responded with desperate combat measures, but suicide robot ships wiped out the Jihad battleships. Over five hundred thousand free humans are killed.

Waves of combat robots on the surface exterminated villages of humans.


The failure was blamed on inaccurate intelligence. Grand Patriarch, Iblis Ginjo assigned Yorek Thurr, an ambitious and intelligent young detective to investigate the matter. Thurr uncovered evidence that disloyal humans had been responsible for purposely supplying misinformation about the number of enemy forces waiting at Honru. That was the beginning of the Jipol.


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