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Holtzman Effect - fanart

Holtzman Waves are the one-dimensional incarnations of the Holtzman Effect/DE. They have no physical existence nor are waves but a mathematical phenomenon which causes space-time to form microcatastrophic folds along a selectable vector, causing the excitation of local matter; this produces long-wave radio emissions receivable by normal antennae.

According to a theory, the background radio emissions which blanket the visible universe are Holtzman Waves transmissions of civilization in the Galactic Core.

Theoretically its range is infinite.

History[edit | edit source]

In 7562 BG Holtzman discovered the Holtzman Wave and in 7556 BG he passed on (using it) information necessary for its use to six planetary systems but his research was interrupted when he entered cometary orbit. This resulted to the Wars of Reunification.

Operation[edit | edit source]

Holtzman Waves are operated with radio lasers. When the point-source is released, a long-wave radio laser points at the source; the beam defines the vector along which the Wave is created.

The Waves are maintained for only one cycle (lasts a few minutes); after that, the wave can cause sympathetic vibrations in the crystal and subsequently an explosion.

That's the reason why the aiming of a Holtzman Wave is difficult, taking in consideration relativistic principles; the shape of the continuum between sender and receiver must be fully mapped. During system-to-system transmissions, the transmission is flickered over a large area and inaccuracy can't be avoided.IF any part of the wave hits any matter more dense the radio waves will be manifested.

Actually its range is limited by the ability of the sender to aim its target, limiting thus the useful range of these communications to appr. 250 light-years without rebroadcasting.

In transmissions to ships in transit, the ship must be aimed exactly: the only mater which exists is that which accompanies its suspensor-nullifier. Ships usually perform mail drops - predesignated points where they drop out of the Void to send or receive messages.

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