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Holtzman -Fanart

Holtzman was a famed physicist and scientist who pioneered a branch of theory relating to the repellant force of subatomic particles. Most of the discoveries in this area of physics to bear the root named after him, since they are based on the Holtzman Effect, which provided the basis of many developments throughout human history, including:

  • The Holtzman shield: the Effect allowed the creation of a shielding that repelled fast moving projectiles, but allowed slower moving objects, such as hand-held knives, to pass through.
  • Suspensors: the Effect's repellent effect allowed physical objects equipped with a Holtzman field generator to mitigate gravitational attraction.
  • The Glowglobe: Another practical use of the Holtzman Effect was the invention of the glowglobe, which produced light self-powered usually by organic batteries, and float allowed by a small Holtzman field suspensor generator.
  • Subatomic fusion: an unexpected byproduct of a laser hitting a shield was the release of vast amounts of energy.
  • Space travel: without question the most profound effect of the Holtzman Effect was its ability to fold space and time using the Holtzman engine, and thus allow for instantaneous travel from one side of the universe to the other.
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