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Hestia is a planet given to Siridar Count Peleus Atreides in 2201 AG by Emperor Shahrukh Kenric I.[1]

During the First Republic it was the House Atreides home, from which they were withdrawn to Gallatin.[2]

In 9355 AG, with the assumption of the brief Dukedom of Philippos XIV Atreides, the Siridar-Duke's brother, Count Garrick Atreides and all his family were taken hostage when a rebel force attacked the planet.

The invaders wished to bargain with the lives of the Atreides — known loyalists to the Crown — in order to obtain passage to Tupile from emperor Ezhar XI. The emperor replied with his usual firmness: after sending a rather cryptic message of apology to the captives, he ordered his troops to raze Hestia completely.

Nothing on the entire planet was left alive.[3]

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