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Heoma (226 BG - 203 BG], was a skilled Sorceress of Rossak. She was one of the most talented Sorceress trainees under Zufa Cenva to learn the deadly psychic attack that would destroy any human/cymek brain with in the blast radius.

During practice, Heoma was able to save their lives when Tirbes, one of her colleagues, lost her concentration allowed her psychic powers to 'flood over'. Heoma managed and diverted the excess energy from Tirbes and redirected it against a slarpon which distracted her. The students struggled to clamp down and exert their mental forces but they had been distracted at a critical moment and were losing their slippery grips on their telepathic rams. Heoma (and Zufa), was the one who maintained a superhuman calmness in their midst.

Heoma volunteered for the attack against Giedi Prime during the liberation. It was a suicide mission, while the psychic attack would kill the enemy, every human with in the blast radius would be killed as well. During the battle Heoma landed on the planet with a shuttle accompanied by kindjals. Soldiers protected her while the whole team was directed to the palace where Omnius of Giedi Prime was.

She was successful in her mission to confront Omnius as well as the Titan Barbarossa. While the Omnius was not destroyed, Heoma and Barbarossa perished in the shock wave leaving newly installed Omnius vulnerable.

The League Armada under Xavier Harkonnen finished off Omnius and recaptured the planet.

Zufa regretted much her loss, being her most loved and talented student and erected a shrine for her in the jungle. The Titans recognizing the significance of the Sorceresses' power, asked form Omnius to proceed to an assault on Rossak.


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