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Hellica was a rebel Honored Matres Matre Superior based on the planet Tleilax, in the city of Bandalong. Hellica refused to join the combined Matres/Bene Gesserit group, the New Sisterhood, which had come together to fight the great Enemy.

Hellica tried to use the Obliterator super-weapons that she had stored on Gammu to attack Chapterhouse, but was foiled by the Priestess of the Cult of Sheeana, Iriel. Iriel and a handful of others escaped from Gammu in a near-undefended no-ship, and folded space to Chapterhouse to successfully warn Murbella of the coming attack.

Though Hellica was stopped from attacking Chapterhouse, she was successful in an attack on the foundry starship world of Richese. The leaders of Richese had agreed to provide Murbella and the Sisterhood a multitude of starships in upcoming battle against the Great Outside Enemy. Hellica knew that since she had removed Richese as a source of production, that the Sisterhood was reduced their production facility on Ix.

Concurrently, from Bandalong, Hellica oversaw the creation of the Tylwyth Waff gholas by the Tleilaxu scribe, Uxtal.

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