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Hedley Tuek was the High Priest of the Rakian Priesthood during the time the Lost Ones were returning from The Scattering. The Rakian Priesthood ruled over Rakis and its people, serving the Divided God, Leto Atreides II.

Tuek was a descendant of Esmar Tuek, who lived during the time of Muad'Dib.

A foppish and insightless man, Tuek was killed by the Tleilaxu and replaced with a Face Dancer. Over time, however, the Face Dancer came to believe that he was Tuek himself.

Eventually, the false Tuek and the rest of the Rakian Priesthood were killed when the Honored Matres sterilized the surface of Rakis in search of the Duncan Idaho ghola and Sheeana.

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