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Hecate [d. 164 BG] was the partner of Ajax, and one of the original twenty Titans who conquered the Old Empire. She named herself after the ancient Greek Goddess of Old Earth.

Life and Death[]

After having her brain and consciousness transferred into a preservation canister, and prior to the rise of Omnius, Hecate grew disillusioned with the corrupt and violent rule of her compatriots. She was particularly alarmed at the brutality inflicted on the subservient hrethgir by Ajax, her lover.

Thus Hecate abandoned the trappings of luxury and power, and fled into uncharted space alone.

After spending roughly a millennium secretly watching the rise of the thinking machines, and later the fitful war between them and the League of Nobles, Hecate made contact with Grand Patriarch Iblis Ginjo and offered him her assistance in defeating their enemies. Immediately she guided the ship to Ix and obliterated the Machine fleet there, helping the Jihadi forces.

After a brief series of campaigns in her powerful spherical vessel, Hecate secretly helped to destroy the Omnius incarnation on Bela Tegeuse, previously corrupted by Vorian Atreides's programming; she presented herself as an update ship and handed a warhead to the robots instead of an update sphere. Omnius of Tegeuse was finally destroyed and the planet was ready for the League of Nobles to be taken, if her fellow Titans who rebelled against Omnius did not conquer the planet first. She visited them and tried to convince them to join forces with the humans against Omnius but was sent off.

Years later, she tried to help the Rossak Sorceress Zufa Cenva and Aurelius Venport who had been assaulted by Beowulf and other cymeks. Her asteroid swallowed their damaged ship. She tried to board their ship and talk to them, but all three were destroyed in Zufa's powerful mental energy attack when Hecate revealed her identity as a Titan.

Due to Hecate's death her vessel spun out of control and crashed into Ginaz, bringing mass destruction and ending many lives, including that of Jool Noret.

Behind the Scenes[]

Hecate's name, and the design of her spacecraft, bear strong similarities to a real-life asteroid named 100 Hekate which orbits the Sun in the main asteroid belt.