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Harmonthep is supposed to have been a no longer existent satellite of Delta Pavonis, near Caladan. was a swampy world with a nitrogen-oxygen atmosphere. It was also rich in biological life.

According to Ingsley, the planet was visited by the Zensunni of Bela Tegeuse who were sent there in 6049 AG; other Zensunnis were sent to Rossak.

Because of the world's random magnetic field, the Zensunnis there developed the first paracompass.

The ultimate fate of Harmonthep is unknown. Harmonthep appeared in the records of the meetings of CHOAM as an independent voter. Harmonthep, did not last long as an independent, and when it disappeared from the records of the meetings of CHOAM it vanished from the historical record altogether, and it's supposed to be destroyed.

Preceded by
Bela Tegeuse
Station of the Zensunni Migration
6049 AG - 7193 AG
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