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Harkonnen Obeshev is the earliest Harkonnen known in history.

According to their traditions, Harkonnen Obeshev was a demibrother of Count Costin, Sheuset I's father but since this has not been proved, some historians claim that Obeshev was actually the son of a trashman who seduced one of Costin's daughters or sisters.

His wife was Lisia Pozzo di Borgo, a descendant of Kiril' Romanov and he was father to Ivan Harkonnen and Abulurd Harkonnen who disgraced his family in the Battle of Corrin.


In Prelude to Dune Abulurds parents are named Quentin Vigar and Wandra Butler instead of Harkonnen Obeshev and Lisia Pozzo di Borgo.Also Quentin is not the first named Hakonnen in history but his grandfather Ulf Harkonnen is.

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