Expanded Dune
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Handon (d. 175 BG) was an Ixian rebel and saboteur that participated in the Ixian rebellion. His whole family was killed by the machines and managed to survive six months evading assassin robots in the catacombs and singlehandedly destroyed 31 of them.

Handon compiled images of the destruction caused by Xerxes and other robots on the planet, into an image pack. It was smuggled out by a mercenary sent in to foment turmoil and intended for Yorek Thurr, but was misdelivered in the League Assembly to an old representative loyal to Manion Butler.

When the Jihadi forces arrived on the planet, he led Jool Noret's team number three through the catacombs beneath the primary machine industries and computer centers.

When they reached the shelter of Ix-Omnius, automatic weaponry eradicated the team and Handon revealed his true allegiances. Noret, the only survivor, shot his legs, and tied him with a flexor wire. He they completed the sequence to energize the warhead and tied him next to it, with his face close to the timer, so that he would watch the last seconds of his life ticking.


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