Original Dune
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Armored Atreides Groundcars as depicted in the Dune CCG

Quad Groundcar as depicted in the Computergame Dune 2

Spice Scout -Concept art for the 1984 dune Movie

Groundcars were traditional vehicles of locomotion on a planet's surface. Groundcars could combine traditional wheels and antigravity floater bulbs or suspensors and even jet-pod modification. Due to the fact hat Holtzman shields would attract Sandworms and Sandstorms could disarm shields, Groundcars on Arrakis were mostly without antigravity systems and shields or were limited in use to the areas secured by the Shield Wall. On many Planets Groundcars had been largely replaced by faster ways of transportation such as universal transport pods, Tube-trains and transport tubes.

Images[edit | edit source]

Types[edit | edit source]

There were numerous of different construction types of groundcars ranging from small one-man groundcars to heavy and armored models.

  • Armored Groundcar
  • Battle Towers
  • Cart-floaters
  • fruit pickers
  • guardcars
  • heavy vehicles
  • Ixian Carts
  • large lorries
  • mechanical augers
  • One-man Groundcars
  • patrol vehicle
  • private transports
  • Royal Cart
  • Sealed Groundcars
  • spice-scouts
  • Surface Cars
  • tanks
  • tractors
  • transporters
  • troop-carriers
  • vans
  • wheeled carts

Expanded Dune[edit | edit source]

Per the Legend of Dune[edit | edit source]

The Zensunnis of Arrakis used antique versions of this technology. That variant had the driver's seat on the rooftop.

Computer Games[edit | edit source]

The Trikes, Quads and Tanks appearing in Dune II and Dune 2000 (video game) are actually per definition groundcars.Tanks are only mentioned indirectly in the original Book series, but armored groundcars, armored Lasguns, Cannons and rocket launchers are mentioned occasionally.

Appearances[edit | edit source]

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