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Grodon Orpar Playt III (1186 AG-1172 AG) was an author, statistician, and some time military theoretician. He was also a Planetary Governor of Stormstile.

He left his governorship to accept a CHOAM directorship and as his career suggests, he possessed a prodigious intellect. During his service in that capacity he heard of the work of Gilbertus Albans and personally encountered several Mentats.

When his term as director expired, he made contact with the Order and he completed the Mentat training program in three months. His value was self-evident to Albans, who was persuaded by Playt to expand the program to meet the needs of government leaders. Playt proposed the three senior ranks of Generalist, Simulationist and Advisor, and extended the training program to accommodate the new ranks in a thorough revision of Albans' Mentat Handbook. His revision remained almost unchanged for millennia thereafter.


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