Declared by Padishah Emperor Shaddam IV after news that project Amal was almost complete. The purpose of this campaign was to remove any house's ability to resist Amal once it was complete. Half the captured spice would go to the Spacing Guild and the other half would go to CHOAM. The war finally ended in disaster as Amal was never completed to perfection.



In a masterstroke he declared Zanovar his first target so that he could also have Tyros Reffa killed. Sardauker forces descended on an amusement palace and removed spice hidden in the Sandworm exhibit, which had been there for ages. The aftermath left the planet's main cities devoid of life but failed to kill Reffa. House Taligari did not respond.


The research moon of Richese was targeted after the emperor was tipped off by an anonymous letter left by House Harkonnen. The Baron Harkonnen had just been blackmailed by House Richese and he wanted vegeance. The moon was housing a top secret invisibility project at the time the Sardauker fleet arrived. After removing the spice hoard the moon was destroyed with atomics, and taking with it a fortune in Richesian mirrors worth their weight in spice. Over the next few days a quarter of Richese went blind only to be provided with artificial eyes by the Bene Tleilax.


Although they did not posses a hoard at the time, they did shortly before. Tracked by the Spacing Guild and thought to be a source of tainted melange. The planetary government managed to rush a defence force out but no force can hold back the Sardauker. Instead, the Sardauker imposed a blocade after the Beakkali government hijacked two ships full of supplies that "just happend" to also have disease that would kill all vegetation on the planet. The planet then underwent civil war until an Atreides force arrived with supplies.


The final target was meant to remove the last obstacle to Amal dependancy. The Spacing Guild thought that the Baron Harkonnen was skimming spice for his hoard and replacing filler, therefore tainting it. A massive Sardauker fleet, led personally by the emperor, arrived and locked down the planet. The Guild transmitted codes which disabled all communications and vehicles on the planet. Then emperor then ordered the erradication of all life on the planet. At first the Guild thought he was bluffing but then realized that he was serious. They then withdrew all heighliner use to emperor and the five heighliners vanished back into space leaving the emperor and his men stranded.

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