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Count Glossu Rabban is the secondary antagonist of the 2021 film Dune. He is the nephew of Baron Vladimir Harkonnen. Rabban is portrayed by Dave Bautista.

Character description[]

As animalistic and savage as his given name implies, the “Beast” Rabban is the towering enforcer and nephew of the sadistic Baron Harkonnen. Tasked with securing the Baron’s empire by any means necessary, he is a brutal force of nature, prone to explosive and petulant bouts of rage. Of those that cross him, few live.[1]


Atreides Usurpation[]

After House Harkonnen is removed from Arrakis by decree of the Padishah Emperor, Rabban is furious with the ordeal and turns to his uncle — and head of Harkonnen — Vladimir Harkonnen to express his frustrations. Vladimir assures Rabban that things will return to normal soon enough, and that their removal from Arrakis has presented them with an opportunity to deal with (and eliminate) one of their biggest rivals — House Atreides.

Rabban is assumedly part of the attack on Arrakeen by the Harkonnen troops and the Sardaukar, but little is expressed by himself about his involvement. After House Atreides falls, however, and both Paul and Jessica are assumed eliminated, Rabban is put in charge of the spice harvesting on Arrakis and ordered to restart harvesting and sell off the reserves.

Physical appearance[]

Much like other members of House Harkonnen, Rabban has a rounded face with caucasian/olive skin. He has a shaved head and clean appearance, but one which strikes fear into the eyes of his enemies. His appearance is eerily reminiscent of his uncle, Vladimir.


Rabban is a ruthless, sadistic and feared soldier within the Harkonnen ranks, and takes no prisoner. Upon hearing of Harkonnen's removal from Arrakis, Rabban is furious and turns his anger at the situation to the new stewards, House Atreides. Rabban expresses his hatred and anger to his uncle, and vows that the Atreides soldiers be taken care of once and for all. He has little regard for human life.

Rabban is considered by many, even by his own family, like a brute and a little bit stupid.

Differences from the original character[]

Glossu Rabban Harkonnen is adapted from the character of the same name from the original Dune novel.



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