Glax Othn was a Docent of House Taligari. A wise politician and scholar, he often acted as spokesman in the Senate at Artisia, since there were few surviving members of the Taligari family. A tall and silver haired man, with a dignified bearing.

Emperor Elrood Corrino IX chose Othn as guardian to his bastard son by Shando Balut, Tyros Reffa, warning him that the child should never aspire the heritage of House Corrino. Othn raised Tyros to become a man of honor, values, and above all, politically correct and with a deep sense of the responsibility a ruler should have while ruling his subjects. Reffa lived in Zanovar as rich man, and owned vast estates. In his youth, he had also joined the Jongleurs to become an actor.

After realizing the existence of this Corrino bastard, Shaddam IV ordered the attack on Zanovar, using as a pretext the first strike of his Great Spice War on Zanovar's amusement park, where a giant replica of a Sandworm filled with spice was located. Prior to the attack, several imperial agents had tried to know more about Reffa while pretending to buy their mansion at Zanovar. Othn revealed to Tyros the true identities of the "buyers" and gave Reffa as a gift a ticket to the Ingravid Opera at Artisia, the Taligari capital, while Reffa gave him a ticket to Zanovar's amusement park, telling him to entertain himself and leave for a while his scholar interests and responsibilities.

Tragically, while Othn was at the amusement park, playing with children and seeing them play, the Sardaukar fleet arrived and the massacre started. To Othn's horror, he saw how the Imperial troops executed men, women, and children in a blink. Wounded by a shot, he was discovered by Supreme Bashar Zum Garon, the commander of the Sardaukar, and horrified by the slaughter, he yelled:

"This is unforgivable!"

Being mocked by Garon, Othn was executed by an squadron of Sardaukar on the Supreme Bashar's orders. His death among 14 million innocents at Zanovar, caused horror at the Taligari Senate at Artisia, and left a deep feeling of guilt on Tyros Reffa.


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