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Gilbertus Albans founded The Order of Mentats.

After doing so, he needed temporary sanctuary with Bene Tleilax who hoped to incorporate them into Tleilaxu hegemony. The Mentat's Order then spread into uncounted "seed schools". [1].

Behind the Scenes

Gilbertus Albans made his first appearance in The Dune Encyclopedia, and some time after he was quoted by Duncan Idaho in Chapterhouse: Dune. This fact placed Gilbertus Albans as the founder of the Mentats at Canon status, and his history, told us by the Encyclopedia, probably as truth.

However, it isn't known whether Albans was created by Frank Herbert and added later to his novel, or was he originally developed by Frank, who gave the information about Albans to be inserted in The Dune Encyclopedia.



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