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Gianne Idaho was the third daughter of Murbella and the final ghola of Duncan Idaho. She was raised without the knowledge of her parentage in the secretive style of the Bene Gesserit.

Little is known of the actions of Gianne during the merger of the Bene Gesserit and the Honored Matres into the New Sisterhood. During the advent of Kralizec, Gianne was on Chapterhouse, and toiled as a regular acolyte for the goals of humanity.

The Omnius ScourgeEdit

After decades of serving on the planet, she, like most other Sisters, was stricken with the Thinking Machine launched plague, the Omnius Scourge. Even though Gianne was a grown woman, she failed at trying to transverse poison during the Water of Life ceremony that all Sisterhood women hastily put themselves through. Had Gianne been able to convert the poison to an inert material, through internal bodily chemical manipulation, she would have been able to survive the plague.

Instead, as happened to ninety percent of the population of Chapterhouse, Gianne succumbed to the plague, and died. A few days later, as Murbella was looking over a mortality list of those had perished at the Chapterhouse Keep, Murbella noticed Gianne's name. As Gianne's body was loaded into an ornithopter to be disposed of in the planet's sandworm-ridden Deep Desert, Murbella went along. Gianne's lifeless body, as well as countless others, was dropped unceremoniusly onto the sands, and a sandworm quickly devoured the giant pile.

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