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Viscount Giandro Tull (d. 10190 AG) was the last Viscount of House Tull. Giandro ruled over Elegy while secretly plotting the end of House Corrino as part of the Noble Commonwealth conspiracy.


Giandro became Viscount after the death of his father, Viscount Alfred Tull. Giandro never liked the Bene Gesserit and how his father's concubine Zoanna manipulated him. As soon as he became Viscount, he cut off the sizable stipend to the Mother School on Wallach IX. Zoanna attempted to seduce Giandro, which was a mistake, as he immediately expelled her from Elegy and refused any further Bene Gesserit attempts at sending him a concubine.

After the death of his friend and business partner Duke Fausto Verdun and the razing of Dross, Giandro was further humiliated and incensed when Padishah-Emperor Shaddam IV sent his Sardaukar to search Elegy for any signs of Noble Commonwealth activity. At the time, Giandro had nothing to do with the Noble Commonwealth, but insult and the senseless murder of his friend pushed him to join the growing rebellion.

Seeking to regain Giandro's favor, Mother Superior Harishka recalled Jessica Atreides from Caladan and requested that she go to Elegy and become Giandro's new concubine, eventually convincing him to resume the stipend. After a short while, Jessica was forced to agree.

Giandro was immediately distrustful of Jessica, but soon warmed to her, seeing that she was not trying to manipulate him. For her part, Jessica found a lot about the Viscount that she liked and what reminded her of Duke Leto Atreides. When Jessica learned of a plot to kill her son Paul, she begged Giandro to let her go to Caladan and save his life. Giandro readily agreed, providing her transportation. After successfully foiling the plot, Jessica felt obligated to return to Elegy and serve as Giandro's concubine, although they never consummated the relationship. Their relationship soured a little once Jessica learned of Giandro's ties to the Noble Commonwealth and his supplies of weapons to the violent Jaxson Aru.

At some point, Shaddam IV learned the names of the conspirators and sent the Sardaukar to destroy their houses and scour their planets of human life. When Giandro learned of Sardaukar troops landing on Elegy, he knew that his time was up. He sent Jessica and a number of other Bene Gesserit visiting her through a secret passage, hoping they would make it far from the manor house. He used the prototype shield nullifiers to gain a temporary advantage over the Sardaukar to slaughter dozens of them with ancient ballistic rifles, but the Sardaukar kept coming. So Giandro took out a lasrifle and fired it at an approaching Sardaukar, the reaction between the Sardaukar's shield and the lasbeam triggering a pseudoatomic explosion that wiped out the manor house and several kilometers of the surrounding territory, along with hundreds of Sardaukar.


Preceded by
Alfred Tull
Viscount of House Tull
?? - 10190 AG
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