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Genetic research - Dune CCG

Genetics (from the ancient Greek γεννώ [gen'no:] = give birth) was the science of genes, heredity, and the variation of organisms.

Thanks mainly to the Bene Gesserit and the Bene Tleilax, genetics played a fundamental role in human history, from before the Butlerian Jihad through to the return of the Honored Matres.

Methods of Controling Genetics[]

Two methods of genetic manipulation were used by cultures within the known universe.

Breeding Programs[]

Though they took millennia to run and were highly susceptible to outside forces, breeding programs were seen by many as a more socially acceptable method of manipulating human evolution.

The Bene Gesserit were the undeniable masters of this form of genetic manipulation, having sought for over 10,000 years to create and control the Kwisatz Hadarach. Through careful analysis and record keeping their goal was realized in Paul Atreides. However, the ultimate outcome proved much more complicated, and thanks to the rebellious actions of a few individuals - most notably Paul's mother Jessica - their program had several unwanted major repercussions.

Laboratory Genetics[]

Laboratory-style genetic manipulations, such as those performed by the Bene Tleilax, offered much quicker returns and allowed for greater control of their subjects than breeding programs. However, such methods were also not without their problems.

Despite dilligent and detailed attempts to embed control mechanisms in their subjects, the Tleilaxu often achieved only mixed results. Their plot to disrupt the Atreides Empire failed when Hayt, the first Duncan Idaho ghola not only recovered his previous memories, but killed the undercover Tleilaxu Master Bijaz. Further attempts to control the destiny of Leto Atreides II, the God Emperor, also largely failed. As did their later attempts to supersede the Bene Gesserit.

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